The Ancient Ethel Civilization

Long ago, at the dawn of the creation of Amar lived an ancient Elven society named the Ethel. They worshiped the gods of the four elements, Pelor God of the sun and fire, Melora Goddess of the sea and water, Moradin God of creation and earth, and The Raven Queen Goddess of death and wind. The ancient Ethel race believed that each one of these gods brought their individual elements together, and as a result Amar was created. To prove their faith to their dieties, the Ethels created a temple in homage to each one of the individual elements.

Over time as their ancient empire grew cities were built around each one of the temples, completely engulfing the area surrounding the temples. The four cities are: Narpran the city of fire, Nenost the city of Water, Kemen the city of earth, and Sulmasto the city of wind.

Over six thousand years ago, conflicts between the individual cities centering around the arcane power of each element created a gigantic war that almost wiped the entire Ethel Society off the face of Amar. All waring sections of Ethel died out leaving only the mages and scholars of Ethel society behind. The remaining members of the tribe sealed the ancient arcane powers of each of the elements in their own temples so that their powers would never be misued again. They then hid the entrances to the temples deep beneath each city, creating traps so that only those who were pure of heart and intent could ever enter.

Over the next six thousand years the population of the Ethel would diminish until only one mage would be left of the ancient Ethel Civilization. Unfortunately he has not been heard from in over five decades, and is presumed dead.

The Ancient Ethel Civilization

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