The Governement is run as thus:

At the very head of the Government sit the Lord of each of the two houses. They act as the executives and lead the entire government, making all major executive decisions.

Below the Lords is the House Council, a council comprised of four representatives of each house, each representing one of the elemental cities, in addition to the two Lords who represent Jalened. The council meets once a month to make laws, to make changes in current laws, to override any Lord’s individual decision, and to implement new systems.

Below the House council is the Element Council which is composed of each of the representatives of the House council, with the exception of the lords, and their individual members in their representative element city. They rule on local matters in each individual city, being run by the House council member.

Below the Element Council is the House Peredhel. They uphold all laws created for each city, as well as all laws of the government. They are composed of Half Elves who are often the offspring of both ruling houses.


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