The Season of Fire is Upon Us.

Welcome to Amar, the world of the four elements. Amar is made up of five major cities, all dedictated to the four elements. The Five cities are: Jalened the middle city, Narpran the city of fire, Nenost the city of Water, Kemen the city of earth, and Sulmasto the city of wind. Amar is ruled by a central government run out of Jalened by two powerful houses, House Edhel and House Atani. Each city is split into four different districts, the rich district, the middle-class district, the poor district, and the old district. Ancient remnants of the Ethel civilization dot the countryside between the different cities, and the ancient temples to the elements have long been lost beneath the cities. Ancient arcane magic powers the cities, and enables the residents to enjoy certain modern technologies.

Each one of your characters is from one of the five cities and one of the four districts in each area. The city you pick decides the deity you worship, with the exception of Jalened where you decide which of the four deities to worship.

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Tower of the Raven Queen


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