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World Map

Amar World Map

Seasons of Amar

Season of Water

Season of Fire

Season of Earth

Season of Wind

History and Traditions Of Amar

The Ancient Ethel Civilization

The Element War

Adion Sword Ancient Ethel Sword

Tower of the Raven Queen

Amar Crusade Great Competition

Laws and Houses of Amar



House Edhel

House Atani

House Peredhel

Cities of Amar

Jalened The Middle City

Narpran The City of Fire

Nenost The City of Water

Kemen The city of Earth

Sulmasto The City of Wind

Districts in Each City in Amar

Rich District

Middle Class District

Poor District

Old District

Gods Of Amar

Pelor God of Sun and Fire

Melora Goddess of Sea and Water

Moradin God of Creation and Earth

Raven Queen Goddess of Death and Wind

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