Belroar Urthadar


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Born and raised in Jalened’s Poor District, Belroar Urthadar grew up to tales of corruption and deceit amongst members of the elite. Consumed by blind rage at those in the Rich District while merely a child, he swore vengeance against those wealthy individuals who embraced the allure of corruption.

Unable to direct this aggression at its cause, it built up within him. It was one fateful day when, consumed by his emotions, Belroar let forth the first indication that he was a sorcerer. A violent blast of fire that left an inferno blazing for several days in the cramped poor district. But as he grew rage turned to begrudging acceptance, and his desire for vengeance gave way to an outlook of futility. He turned away from his powers, seeing without purpose no need for their use.

He found himself, like so many other in the poor district, homeless. Hungry and broken in spirit, he was taken in by an elder. Originally from Sulmasto, he instructed Belroar in the ways of the Raven Queen. With renewed purpose as an agent of the goddess of death, he began to explore the depths of his abilities.

When he overheard a rumor amongst those in the poor district of a ritual practiced by the elites that sought to extend their lives indefinitely, Belroar dedicated himself to the pursuit of those who had performed this ritual and sought to do so. And in so doing cleanse Amar of numerous offenders against the Raven Queen.

Belroar Urthadar

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