Ghost Olo


Physical Appearance:

Ability Scores STR: 10 CON: 12 DEX: 12 INT: 14 WIS: 8 CHA: 21

Defenses AC: 16 FORT: 14 REF: 16 WILL: 20

Hit Points HP: 44

Resistances: -Resist 10 poison -Resist 5 necrotic

Saving Throw Mods: -none

Equipment -Rod of Corruption +1 -Deathcut Leather Armor +1 -Bloodthirst Bracers -Gem of Colloquy -Amulet of Health +1

Rituals -none

Languages -Common


At-Will -Changeling Disguise -Eldritch Blast -Spiteful Glamor -Darkspiral Aura -Warlock’s Curse

Encounter Powers -Changeling Trick -Cursebite -Your Delicious Weakness

Utility Powers -Caiphon’s Leap

Daily Powers -Your Glorious Sacrifice

DM Created Items: -Magic Duct Tape: An endless roll of duct tape, when applied cannot be removed with the exception of the use of the ritual that came with it.


Ghost Olo

Amar ghostolo