Zahar Ravenson

A master of the ancient Shadar-kai chainfighting art


Zahar has could pass for human with a quick glance, but, if looked at closer, his pale grey skin and slightly smaller that average stature would give him away as a member of his race. He does not have the ritualistic piercings of his people, nor does he have the braids, as he lost his honor. He keeps his off white hair short, never long enough to make a braid. His eyes are like those of a raven, dark with no pupil. He has elaborate tattoos down his arms and across much of his body. He favors darker colors in his clothing.

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Zahar is Shadar-kai, a child of shadow, born of Amar’s dark mirror, the Shadowfell. In his youth, he was the prince of a large community of Shadar-kai living in the shadow of the Raven Queen’s great citadel. His family, House Ravenson, was directly tied to the Queen, being a family of bold adventurers and devoted clerics. Many of his family were and are legendary and wear their legends in tattoos, piercings, and hair braiding. Many of his ancestors even became consorts to the Raven Queen and still serve her now, and the man who started the Ravenson line is one of her Exarchs. Zahar, growing up with this family, dreamed of someday gaining great notoriety as an adventurer himself. To this end, he studied the ancient chain fighting art invented and perfected by his people. He put this knowledge to the test against the dark forces that roam the Shadowfell and against tribes of Shadar-kai that brought war to his people, hoping to gain the Raven Queen’s favor. In battle, Zahar is tornado of steel, a silver wind that leaves his enemies in a bloody mess. Zahar is also a master at ‘crowing’, the Shadar-kai art of boasting. It was this very talent that got him banished from his home. After Zahar came back from battling an enemy tribe, there was a great celebration, which always leads to great displays of crowing among the Shadar-kai. A particularly heated bragging session between Zahar and another Shadar-kai turned into a matter of honor and then it became a fierce duel. This Shadar-kai stood no chance against Zahar, which he didn’t know. Because of the huge difference in their abilities, Zahar slew the other, a strict taboo in his community. He was striped of his honor, his piercings and braids were removed, and banished from his home. Zahar found his way through a portal into Amar and decided to let himself rot in the poor district of the city of Jalened. But the Raven Queen, mistress of fate, had other ideas. Zahar was attacked by desperate hobgoblins soon after arriving in Jalened. Rather than let them kill him, Zahar’s battle instinct came alive and he danced his deadly steel dance, slaughtering the hobgoblins. A wealthy man saw all of this happen, as he was in the poor district looking for someone like Zahar, a skilled warrior with nothing to loose. He offered Zahar a large sum of money to send a message to one of his business rivals. Zahar did the job so well, that the wealthy man gave him a bonus. Zahar decided that money might as well be as good as honor and as far as his people where concerned, there is no such thing as a bad reputation. He became a bounty hunter, hiring his chain to any who had the coin to pay him. He gives himself a new tattoo after each job. He still gives himself no piercings or braids however, not forgetting the stain on his honor. He’s also made enemies of House Peredhel. Much of the work Zahar now does is not something the sentinels would smile upon.

Zahar Ravenson

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