Malharath Kanatash

Kalashtar Paladin


Ability Scores STR: 19 CON: 12 DEX: 10 INT: 10 WIS: 16 CHA: 10

Defenses AC: 21 FORT: 17 REF: 13 WILL: 16

Hit Points HP: 50 Resistances: none

Equipment -Thundering Heavy War Pick +1 -Savage Plate Armor +1

Rituals -none

Languages -Common -Giant


At-Will -Divine Challenge -Lay on Hands -Holy Strike -Valiant Strike

Encounter Powers -Bastion of Mental Clarity -Divine Mettle -Divine Strength -Divine Pursuit -Hold Fast

Utility Powers -Touch of Grace

Daily Powers -Blood of the Mighty



Born from unknown origins, Malharath was adopted by a wealthy family from the city of Nenost. At a young age it became apparent that Malharath was different from others, being able to communicate with others with his mind. This frightened many people for fear of Malharath using his power to manipulate people against their wills. So Malharath’s adoptive parents sent him to study with the priests at the town’s temple. Over the years Malharath became a firm believer of the Goddess Melora, and eventually became adept at healing others when they needed it. Eventually the townspeople came to like Malharath because he would help out around town, healing the sick and injured. Malharath also believed in a strong body so that you can stay healthy. So he loves to swim laps around the city. He even gets challenged to races, and with his strong body, he rarely loses to the challenges.

Malharath Kanatash

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