Balasar is a male dragon born fighter. He worships the deity Pelor and is aligned with good. He is from Narpran a city in Amar. str 18, con 16, dex 13, int 11, wis 10, cha 10. He is equipped with scale armor, a battle axe, a heavy shield and an adventurer’s kit. He currently has 31HP, his AC is 19, his Forttitude is 16, Reflex is 13 and Will is 10. His speed is 5. Passive insight and passive perception are both 10. His daily power is flanking assault. His at will powers are combat challenge, brash strike, and footwork lure. his encounter powers are second wind, dragon breath, and distracting spate.


Balasar is from the city of Narpran on the world Amar, he worships the deity Pelor. He was born in the city and has enjoyed an aristocratic, yet withdrawn life. Although he is not the biggest he is still one of the most intimidating, having a way with words, yet still able to remain on the side of good. He looks down upon signs of evil as they are seen as dishonorabe to him and waits for the day where he will journey from Narpran and fight against any evil forces he comes across.


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