Abea Masoni

Deva Invoker


Ability Scores
STR: 10
CON: 15
DEX: 10
INT: 14
WIS: 22
CHA: 8

AC: 22
FORT: 18
REF: 18
WILL: 22

Hit Points
HP: 66
Resistances: 10 Necrotic, 10 Radiant

-Ritual Book
-Adventurer’s Kit
-Eladrin Chainmail +1
-Chainmail of Sacrifice +1
-Rod of Hope Triumphant +1
-Documents from Sarlio
-Black Amulet
-Bag of Holding
-Ritual Candle
-Reading Spectacles
-Power Jewel

-Hand of Fate
-Comprehend Language


-Vanguard’s Lightning
-Sun Strike

Encounter Powers
-Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes
-Rebuke Undead
-Armor of Wrath
-Lightning’s Revelation
-Penance Compelled
-Omen of Damnnation

Utility Powers
-Miraculous Fortune
-Assurance of Prophecy
-Cure Serious Wounds

Daily Powers
-Purging Flame
-Grasping Chains of the Justicar
-Healing Word
-Cerulean Flames


Abea was reincarnated within one of the Raven Queen’s Sanctuaries in the city of Sulmasto. She has been a loyal follower to the Raven Queen for all of her thousands of lifetimes. Each lifetime she has been a divine Invoker, always fighting in her name to bring the timely deaths of those that deserve it. Cults erected to the dark gods and their followers have fallen beneath her feet and divine flames.

Abea prefers to wear elaborate, ornate robes over her chainmail armor. It’s a standard uniform that the pastors in her church wear in Sulmasto, blue in color with silver colored edgings at the ends of the sleeves, around the collar, and the bottom of the robes. She carries around a Sickle that is sheathed underneath a blue cloak that bears the insignia of The Raven Queen in white embroidery.

She spends her free time idly toying with a metallic puzzle object she bought from an Artificer. Not once has she been able to match the design patterns correctly on the thing, but she keeps toying with it nonetheless.

She is beginning to show signs of madness at the growing realization of the futility of her efforts. She has seen some of the most heinous evils fall before her very eyes, yet more evils continuously sprout up in greater numbers. with larger followings. In her most recent past life, she once burned a group a necromancers alive with divine evocations while laughing gleefully as her teammates stood helpless at the sight of it. The only thing she would say for a few hours after that was “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

As zealous as they come, Abea despises the Dark God Orcus. Even the very mentioning of his cursed name is enough to anger her to a point of hostility.

Abea is a fan of the myths,legends, and the history that exist throughout Amar. Her favorites are the stories about the Adion Sword and the power it possesses. She aspired to see the sword herself at some point in the future from the day she heard about its existence. Not once did she think she’d ever actually be allowed to see it, let alone hold it.

After Amar fell to Orcus, Abea Masoni went into hiding north of Amar. What she plans to do from there can only be speculated on until her story can be told.

Abea Masoni

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